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Brewster,  NY 
United States
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With PediFix, your patient's feet don't have to hurt!

Foot specialists since 1885, PediFix offers 250+ foot treatment products including 30 new items.

Our newest invention, PressureOFF™ Customizable Insoles, are the first in everyday footwear to feature removable plantar pegs for pressure reduction to save diabetic limbs & lives. Another, Carbon Fiber 1stRaythotics™, feature integrated Morton’s Extensions & medial support to stabilize & relieve MTPJ conditions. These products & more are available to dispense, pickup at retailers, & direct order.

Brands: Visco-GEL, FungaSoap, Customizables, FootSplints, GelStep, Preforms, PediPlast, Pedi-GEL, ShoeZap

 Show Specials

  • Take 10% off our entire site and catalog! To recieve the code, stop by our booth, #216, anytime during the weekend. The code can be redeemed by shopping online at https://www.pedifix.com/, calling us at 1-800-424-5561, or emailing us at sales@pedifix.com. 

    We are premiering a new product at WOCNext22, our PressureOFF Customizable Offloading Insole! This insole features removable pegs on the base of the insole, which can be removed under plantar pathologies. This help reduce pressure & friction, relieve pain, and minimize discomfort. With this product, we aim to save lives & limbs. It helps with: calluses, corns, blisters, bruises, warts, prominences, bone spurs, lesions, wounds, IPKs, porokeratoses, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, pressure points, painful spots, fat pad atrophy, sensitive areas, friction zones, pre-ulcer ‘hot spots’, diabetic foot ulcers, ulcers in remission, surgical sites, and more. Checkout this product, and order a sample with the link below, plus check it out at the show. 



  • PressureOFF™ Customizable Offloading Insoles
    These insoles enable targeted offloading of plantar pathologies in your patient’s footwear. The proven ‘removable pegs’ design, previously available only for post-op & wound-care shoes, helps prevent, relieve & promote healing of many common conditions....

  • Use the link below to order a free sample for your patients today!


    The first for everyday footwear to feature removable plantar pegs for targeted reduction of pressure and friction to relieve dozens of common conditions, save diabetic limbs and lives, pain, and suffering. 

    Help More Patients  Relieve Plantar Pathologies with the First ‘Removable Pegs’ Offloading Insoles for Everyday Footwear

    • Proven to Reduce Pressure, Friction & Pain
    Likely to Save Limbs & Lives
    In the Shoes Your Patients Will Wear
    For Higher Offloading Compliance & Better Outcomes
    Exclusive, Patented Designs
    If you’re treating or preventing plantar pathologies and diabetic ulcers, get your patients on PressureOFF® Customizable Offloading Insoles. The easy, convenient, discrete offloading modality they’ll love — and hardly notice.

    Removable Plantar Pegs Unload Targeted Areas
    Offload Sore Spots to Relieve Pain, Reduce Friction
    Minimize Skin Breakdown Due to Repetitive Micro Trauma
    Distribute Pressure Away from Sensitive Areas
    Prevent, Relieve, Heal
    New Treatment Options for: Calluses, Corns, Blisters, Bruises, Warts, Prominences, Bone Spurs, Lesions, Wounds, IPKs, Porokeratosis, Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Pressure Points, Painful Spots, Fat Pad Atrophy, Sensitive Areas, Friction Zones, Pre-Ulcer ‘Hot Spots’, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Ulcers in Remission, Surgical Sites, and More!