(311A) Medical Decision-Making and Education in Pediatric Ostomy Surgery

  • Room: 201
  • Session Number:311A
Monday,June 06, 2022:4:35 PM -5:05 PM
Contact Hours: 0.5


Jennie David PhD
Pediatric IBD Psychologist
Nationwide Children's Hospital


This session aims to provide an overview of the roles of medical decision-making and education in pediatric ostomy surgery, with a focus on the developmental nuance this populations present. The decision-making by parents, patients, and providers are complex in navigating the child’s development, psychosocial health/considerations, and clinical equipoise of other medical options; additionally, these experiences become more nuanced in integrating the child or adolescent’s perspective in a manner that is developmentally and culturally appropriate. This session will incorporate recent research about what is known for medical decision-making and education in pediatric ostomy surgery.  Implications of this research, as well as the gaps in knowledge will be discussed and will then highlight the work that needs to be done in this area.  Additionally, this session will incorporate resources and clinical considerations for attendees.


Learning Outcome

Learners will have an improved understanding of the developmental considerations in ostomy surgery in pediatrics, with clinical resource knowledge.