(401) Update on Current Trends on Construction of Internal Pouches

  • Room: 201
  • Session Number:401
Tuesday,June 07, 2022:10:05 AM -11:05 AM
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Zarah Perry-Woodford RN, MSC
Consultant Nurse Pouch and Stoma Care
St Mark's Hospital


Over the last four decades, the ileoanal pouch operation has seen great improvements in surgical technique, pouch configuration, medical management and patient outcomes. However innovation in this area can be daunting for less experienced practitioners and change is not always welcome, especially if costs or risks appear to outweigh potential benefits. This session aims to inform nurses to better support pouch patients and surgical colleagues when innovation is inevitable.


Learning Outcome

To better understand how innovation in pouch construction impacts pouch function and long-term management of pouch patients.

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