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Stomacloak/Med5, LLC  

Muskegon,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 831

Welcome to StomaCloak! Explore our company & products here.

During the WOCNext event June 5-7, visit our E-booth to live chat with a StomaCloak representative:

StomaCloak®: The Security of Knowing

Med 5, LLC manufactures StomaCloak®, a product designed to improve the lives of patients with bowel and bladder diversions. StomaCloak is a proprietary fabric cover for ostomy appliances that significantly reduces odor, wicks away moisture and helps keep skin healthy. Our products are designed for use with ostomy waste bags in coordination with colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy procedures. 

StomaCloak was developed by a physician-ostomate and a Wound, Ostomy and Continence (WOC) nurse. We personally understand the needs of patients with bowel and bladder diversions, and we designed StomaCloak to help ostomates live active lives.

Customer Testimonials:

“Best cover ever! I just purchased my first stoma cloak and I want to tell you what an amazing product you have. I have never had such a comfortable bag cover. I love it. Soft and hides the plastic noise of the Ostomy bag. Thank you thank you thank you! “

“I really like my new stoma cloak. It is especially nice after swimming or bathing. It somehow wicks away the moisture as well as protecting my skin. It fits over the whole pouch and is very comfortable. It also gives me a secure feeling in case I might have a leak, so I even wear it to bed.”

“I highly recommend the StomaCloak to anyone with an ostomy. I wish I had it when I first got my stoma! It’s very well made, has a tight, secure fit and feel, and is extremely soft and comfortable… I’m very grateful to the makers of the StomaCloak, this is a product made with ostomates firmly in mind.”

By wearing StomaCloak, our customers know they are dry and free of odor. Maintenance couldn't be easier: simply wash in the washing machine and dry on high heat to reactivate odor-adsorbing molecules. Just three covers will provide a patient full, daily protection for approximately 12 months with normal wear and washing. 

Watch a demonstration of how StomaCloak works, presented by urologist, urostomate and StomaCloak co-founder Dr. Joseph Salisz.

To learn more about StomaCloak, contact us through the WOCNext interface or visit us on the web at We look forward to hearing from you!

Brands: StomaCloak® is an odor reducing stoma ostomy pouch and bag cover.

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  • We are giving away one free StomaCloak ostomy appliance cover per WOCN region! To enter the drawing, contact us by email using the form below. Please include your work organization and WOCN region in the “Comments” section.

    Anyone who contacts us through the form or schedules a virtual meeting will also receive an exclusive WOCNext discount code, valid for any purchase on


  • StomaCloak
    StomaCloak® is a proprietary fabric cover for ostomy appliances that significantly reduces odor, wicks away moisture and helps keep skin healthy....

  • StomaCloak® is an odor-reducing pouch and bag cover for ostomy waste bags used in coordination with colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy procedures. The cover is constructed from a proprietary polyester fabric impregnated with activated carbon, zeolite and antimicrobials which adsorb and control odor molecules. Antimicrobials which wicks away moisture and promote healthy skin. The fabric is soft against the skin and is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    The Benefits of StomaCloak®

    With StomaCloak you will know that you are comfortable, dry and free of odor. Having this security allows you to live an active lifestyle. A physician-ostomate and a wound, ostomy, and continence nurse developed this innovative ostomy cover, ensuring that all needs were considered when developing the product.

    Part of what sets StomaCloak apart from other ostomy covers is that it actually stops odors.

    StomaCloak’s material includes treated activated carbon, zeolite and antimicrobials. This combination changes the odor molecules so that odor is removed and not just masked.

    StomaCloak provides comfort and security for an active lifestyle.

    StomaCloak’s creators understand that ostomates usually do not want to draw attention to their ostomy bags. Two ways StomaCloak helps with discretion is by helping with leaks and noise. Our proprietary cover also greatly improves the comfort of wearing an ostomy appliance.

    • StomaCloak helps your bag stay securely on by keeping you dry. However, if a leak does happen, the StomaCloak will keep leaks contained until you get the situation under control.
    • The StomaCloak bag cover is also designed to mask the crunching sound of an ostomy bag, keeping you noise-free.
    • Another issue the StomaCloak solves is comfort. No one enjoys the uncomfortable feeling of a cold, wet bag against the skin. StomaCloak’s wicking properties are designed to keep you dry and comfortable while you go about your daily life.

    5 Reasons You Can Be Confident With StomaCloak

    1. Odor Control - StomaCloak adsorbs odor molecules! This means instead of covering up ostomy bag odors, StomaCloak’s unique technology actively changes the odor molecule, removing the odor.

    2. Leak Prevention - Your StomaCloak is the first defense against leaks. StomaCloak fits completely around your appliance bag with its envelope enclosure. If something happens to your appliance (such as a clip or spigot failure) you have time to get to the restroom before you have a mess on your clothes.

    3. Skin Health - Caring for the skin around the area of your ostomy is extremely important for long-term health. An antimicrobial inside the StomaCloak is specifically designed to keep skin healthy while wicking away moisture. When you are comfortably wearing a StomaCloak, you can be confident that your skin will stay healthy!

    4. Moisture Control - Moisture around or on your plastic ostomy pouch can create several problems. Moisture can loosen the glue of adhesive materials holding the bag to your abdomen. StomaCloak wicks away moisture allowing your equipment to stay in place. Created to fit perfectly with active lifestyles, you can swim, run, and shower with confidence. Simply pat your ostomy pouch dry, slip your Stoma Cloak on, and go! Your skin and clothes will remain dry.

    5. Noise Reduction - Any ostomy patient knows the crunchy sounds that the plastic pouch can make. StomaCloak muffles the sound with its smooth, comfortable fabric, allowing you to be comfortable and confident in your life!

    Easy Care and Maintenance

    StomaCloak is designed for easy use and easy care! Wash your StomaCloak in your washing machine with normal laundry soap and then dry with heat in the dryer. Once your StomaCloak is re-activated for use, simply pull it around your stoma appliance bag.

    Watch our video above to see how easy it is to install StomaCloak over your ostomy appliance.

    Construction and Fit

    StomaCloak® is constructed from a proprietary polyester fabric impregnated with activated carbon, zeolite and antimicrobials which adsorb and control odor molecules. The fabric is soft against the skin and is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    Our pouch and bag covers are designed to fit commercially available ostomy waste bags including Hollister, ConvaTec, Coloplast, and Nu-Hope. StomaCloak® covers are non-disposable, durable and designed to last. Machine wash and dry tested over 30 cycles.

    We offer StomaCloak in seven wafer sizes and two pouch sizes, so you won't have a problem finding the perfect combination to fit your appliance and your lifestyle.


    StomaCloak® covers are $29.95 each or $80.85 for three, plus shipping & handling. Three StomaCloak® ostomy bag covers normally last for one year. All orders are subject to sales tax. 

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