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Let's #ZealItToHealIt!

Altrazeal is an innovative, transforming powder dressing used in the treatment of surgical, acute, and chronic wounds that may be left on the wound for up to 30 days. Its granules aggregate upon hydration with saline to form a moist, oxygen permeable film that contours to and seals the entire wound surface, helps manage exudate and prevents exogenous bacteria from entering the wound. Altrazeal's extended wear time not only reduces exposure to infection and allows the wound bed to heal undisturbed by reducing dressing changes, but also significantly reduces medical labor utilization and material costs for our users. Once the wound heals, the product flakes off. If the wound does not heal completely before a necessary dressing change, the non-adhesive dressing can be removed easily by saturating with saline and lifting off with a pair of forceps. Altrazeal is being successfully used in a wide range of traumatic, surgical and chronic wounds, including lacerations, avulsions, skin tears, surgical incisions and excisions, graft sites, dehiscence, second degree burns, as well as pressure sores, diabetic foot, venous stasis and other leg and decubitus ulcers.

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