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United States
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Reassuringly strong protection for the heaviest incontinence

NorthShore Care Supply, which manufactures the leading brand of extreme absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies (defined as being up to 3 times the absorbency of other brands that hold large marketshare), was recognized by Newsweek four years in a row as one of the Best Online Shops of 2023, ranking number one in 2023 in the Medical Supplies category, surpassing leading brands such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, and AllegroMedical. Since 2002, NorthShore's mission has been to improve the quality-of-life for individuals with incontinence and their caregivers. The company’s Flagship brands of products (MegaMax, GoSupreme, DynaDry, MagicSorb Air, DoubleStop for Men, and others) are designed to help individuals and their caregivers in managing heavier urinary and bowel incontinence.  Several thousand 5-star customer reviews state that NorthShore products give adults more confidence and better sleep. Family caregivers also notice more sleep and fewer nighttime changes.  Many studies show that seniors who sleep up to eight hours have a decreased risk of chronic diseases (Source: Maintaining healthy skin is also a top concern for individuals who wear adult briefs, and NorthShore delivers.  Based on thousands of NorthShore’s consumer customers with heavy to total incontinence who have experienced sound skin health while sleeping through the night over the years, NorthShore recognized that proving similar clinical outcomes in the senior living facility and long-term care settings was needed.  So, in 2022, NorthShore conducted a number of clinical case studies, whose outcomes proved the efficacy of NorthShore products at senior care facilities. Executive Summary of trials using NorthShore’s 12-hour and 8-hour extreme absorbency adult incontinence products: There were 99.3% of skin health assessments recorded as ‘healthy, no irritation’ (5-level assessment scale); an 82% reduction in number of overnight changes; a five-fold reduction in interruptions of residents’ sleep; a 72% savings in clinical labor; and virtually no IAD or UTI (See Case Study details in the WOCNext 2023 Poster Hall or WOCNext 2023 ePosters:  “Low incidence of IAD, UTI, and sleep interruptions with use of extreme absorbency, extended wear adult incontinence products in senior living facilities: A Case-Control Study”).

Brands: Adult Briefs: MegaMax™, MegaMax™ AirLock™, MegaMax™ AirLock™ Lite, NorthShore® AirSupreme™ Briefs, Adult Protective Underwear: GoSupreme®, GoSupreme® Lite, Bladder Control Pads & Guards: DynaDry®, DynaDry® Supreme, DoubleStop® for Men Underpads: MagicSorb™ Air, Champion™ XD Boosters: EternaDry® Disposable wipes: NorthShore® Supreme Diaper Covers: TRIFECTA® Disposal Bags: DiscreetShield®