Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc.

Oceanside,  CA 
United States
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Welcome to AOTI - and proven, sustained healing.

AOTI’s mission is to help all people with chronic conditions get back to living life to the fullest. AOTI is committed to enhancing access to care, improving quality of life, and advancing health equity. TWO2 therapy is the only multi-modality therapy proven in both RCT and RWE studies to reduce hospitalizations by more than 80% and to reduce amputations by more than 70% with a 6x lower recurrence rate over 12 months. Our NEXA™ NPWT System combines the simplicity of disposable NPWT with performance features of traditional durable NPWT technology platforms. The NEXA System is a multi-week, multi-patient, disposable NPWT device that offers clinically effective, easy to use, portable and affordable wound care.


  • TWO2 / NEXA
    AOTI’s multi-modality TWO® therapy is clinically proven to heal chronic wounds, reducing hospitalizations & amputations. The NEXA NPWT system is a new multi-patient device....