Quest Healthcare, A Division of Quest Products LLC

Pleasant Prairie,  WI 
United States
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Quest Healthcare Provides Clinically Meaningful Solutions

Quest Healthcare supports facilities, doctors, and nurses in approaching healthcare challenges.  We provide clinically meaningful, affordable solutions for patients suffering from fecal incontinence and early-stage pressure injuries.  We have worked with top CARF, VAs, LTC facilities and Model SCI System facilities for 20 years.  We understand the importance of an improved bowel care regimen and the significance of maintaining healthy skin integrity.

Enemeez® 5 mL mini-enema delivers 283 mg of docusate sodium.  Enemeez® products are used rectally and produce results typically in 2-15 minutes, as opposed to hours or days for oral constipation medications.

Enemeez® Plus 5 mL mini-enema provides the addition of 20 mg of benzocaine, assisting in the anesthetization of the rectum and lower bowel for patients with autonomic dysreflexia, hemorrhoids, fissures or painful bowel movements.

Alocane® Plus is a non-alcohol analgesic/antimicrobial for use with early-stage pressure injuries and radiation dermatitis.  Lidocaine HCL4% and Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% form a protective barrier on the site of injury and inhibits regrowth of microorganisms.

Brands: Enemeez®, Enemeez® Plus and Alocane® Plus