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Welcome to Nutrition that comes alive from ND Labs!

ND Labs has played a role in nutrition since 1986. Founded by a group of pharmacists and Yale nutritionists, ND Labs has created formulations to enhance the well-being for your family members without the use of Rx medications (which can cause side effects and be costly).  

DPP Dipeptide Power is our latest product for complicated wound healing.  DPP far exceeds the composition of Juven and best of all, DPP dosing is 30 mL in a ready to drink formualtion that is half the price of Juven.  DPP is a complete formulation with dual proteins and 100% EAA.  DPP's unique formulation has 30X more collagen production from within to heal wounds at lightning speed due to the patented dipeptide formulation (PO & OG).  

Rejoice Plus has just been granted TWO NEW PATENTS to help prevent overactive bladder (stress & urge incontinence).  Rejoice Plus maximizes bladder control and helps support and strengthen the pelvic floor and bladder muscles.  Rejoice Plus is the first and only treatment for both men & women in a liquid formulation, taken once daily for 24 hour protection.  

Liquid Fiber Flow provides relief from constipation (30 mL dose w/15g of fiber)

Cran B PAC for UTIs, 100% natural

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  • Rejoice Plus & DPP Dipeptide Power
    Rejoice Plus: The First & ONLY Patented liquid OTC supplement for Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence.

    DPP Dipeptide Power is the most advanced wound care liquid supplement that produces 30X more collagen to help promote wounds 30x faster....

  • Rejoice Plus with Vitamin D3 and Prebiotic Fiber

    Rejoice Plus is the first and ONLY Patented OTC liquid supplement for both Men and Women to help reduce urinary leakage and urgency with once-a-day dosing.  Rejoice Plus has 5 all-natural active ingredients including HyperPure Pumpkin Seed Extract, Vitamin D3, L-Citrulline & L-Arginine and Prebiotic Fiber.  These all work together to provide maximum bladder control and  help strengthen the pelvic floor and bladder muscles associated with OAB (overactive bladder), Stress & Urge Incontinence, Nocturia & BPH I & II.  Rejoice Plus is safe, effective and discreet, sugar free, made in the USA and offers 24 hour protection.  


    • Promote 24 hour bladder control
    • Help prevent & reduce occasional leakage and urgency 
    • Help support & strengthen the pelvic floor and bladder muscles 
    • Increase sleep satisfaction with less nighttime urination

    ​4 Clinical Studies with Proven Results

    79% decrease in urinary incontinence

    68% decrease stress incontinence

    60% improved sleep satisfaction 

    88% improved or remarkably improved from OAB   

    DPP Dipeptide Power Liquid Protein Supplement

    DPP is a complete formulation to help heal your most advanced wounds at lightening speed.  DPP contains a complete formulation with Dipeptide PO & OG plus  hydrolyzed collagen and whey and all the micronutrients and vitamins you find in Juven but in a liquid form.  The patented dipeptides found in DPP helps to stimulate fibroblasts and increase hyaluronic acid and elastin to help heal wounds 30X faster than with standard collagen.  DPP is 100% EAA, sugar free, made in the USA and is easy to use 'shake & take' with a 30mL dose.  

    Benefits & Features

    • Help heal wounds from within with L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline and other essential vitamins 

    • Remains in the plasma for up to 4 hours 

    • Helps increase healing by creating skin moisture & elasticity 

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