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Reassuringly strong protection for the heaviest incontinence

NorthShore Care Supply, which manufactures the leading brand of extreme absorbency adult diapers and incontinence supplies (defined as being up to 3 times the absorbency of other brands that hold large marketshare), was recognized by Newsweek four years in a row as one of the Best Online Shops of 2023, ranking number one in 2023 in the Medical Supplies category, surpassing leading brands such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, and AllegroMedical.

Since 2002, NorthShore's mission has been to improve the quality-of-life for individuals with incontinence and their caregivers. The company’s Flagship brands of products (MegaMax, GoSupreme, DynaDry, MagicSorb Air, DoubleStop for Men, and others) are designed to help individuals and their caregivers in managing heavier urinary and bowel incontinence. 

Several thousand 5-star customer reviews state that NorthShore products give adults more confidence and better sleep. Family caregivers also notice more sleep and fewer nighttime changes.  Many studies show that seniors who sleep up to eight hours have a decreased risk of chronic diseases (Source: https://www.prb.org/resources/new-evidence-on-sleeps-role-in-aging-and-chronic-disease/).

Maintaining healthy skin is also a top concern for individuals who wear adult briefs, and NorthShore delivers.  Based on thousands of NorthShore’s consumer customers with heavy to total incontinence who have experienced sound skin health while sleeping through the night over the years, NorthShore recognized that proving similar clinical outcomes in the senior living facility and long-term care settings was needed.  So, in 2022, NorthShore conducted a number of clinical case studies, whose outcomes proved the efficacy of NorthShore products at senior care facilities.

Executive Summary of trials using NorthShore’s 12-hour and 8-hour extreme absorbency adult incontinence products:

There were 99.3% of skin health assessments recorded as ‘healthy, no irritation’ (5-level assessment scale); an 82% reduction in number of overnight changes; a five-fold reduction in interruptions of residents’ sleep; a 72% savings in clinical labor; and virtually no IAD or UTI (See Case Study details in the WOCNext 2023 Poster Hall or WOCNext 2023 ePosters:  “Low incidence of IAD, UTI, and sleep interruptions with use of extreme absorbency, extended wear adult incontinence products in senior living facilities: A Case-Control Study”).

On top of all these positive clinical outcomes, the economic outcomes were similarly stunning:  Over $8,000 savings per year per resident resulted from use of these extreme absorbency products.

Please visit us at: www.northshoreprofessional.com.   Reassuringly strong protection for the heaviest incontinence.

Brands: Adult Briefs: MegaMax™, MegaMax™ AirLock™, MegaMax™ AirLock™ Lite, NorthShore® AirSupreme™ Briefs, Adult Protective Underwear: GoSupreme®, GoSupreme® Lite, Bladder Control Pads & Guards: DynaDry®, DynaDry® Supreme, DoubleStop® for Men Underpads: MagicSorb™ Air, Champion™ XD Boosters: EternaDry® Disposable wipes: NorthShore® Supreme Diaper Covers: TRIFECTA® Disposal Bags: DiscreetShield®


Nursing Perspectives on Heavy Incontinence and Use of 12-Hour Extreme Absorbency Products

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  • Poster Presentation Location: RS22. James Bogner PhD, MBA will be presenting:  Low incidence of IAD, UTI, and sleep interruptions with use of extreme absorbency, extended wear adult incontinence products in senior living facilities: A Case-Control Study Presentation ID# 13802

    Attend a 10-minute presentation by the author on Sunday June 4 between 9-11 am or 2-4 pm and receive an entry into the Amazon gift card drawing!  

  • Northshore Care is solving clinical and economic problems related to adult HEAVY INCONTINENCE in senior living communities-

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 Press Releases

  • New Approach to Managing Senior Incontinence and Skin Health with Super-Absorbent Adult Diapers & Effective Care Protocols

    (Green Oaks, Ill.) August 16, 2022 – NorthShore Care Supply's first clinical trial begins in senior care facilities. The trial will test a new approach to incontinence care for residents.

    Since 2002, NorthShore has served over 2.5 million families in the United States. Several thousand 5-star customer reviews state that NorthShore products give adults more confidence and better sleep. Family caregivers also notice more sleep and fewer nighttime changes. Maintaining healthy skin is a top concern for individuals who wear adult diapers, and NorthShore delivers

    NorthShore 20th Year Anniversary Logo

    Jim Bogner, vice president of corporate strategy, and Sandra DiVito, vice president of sales.

    The clinical trial will challenge the current resident care protocols that are typically in place. The trial plans on showcasing technological advances of NorthShore adult diapers and how NorthShore’s incontinence products can improve residents’ care and optimizecare facility labor utilization.

    Now more than ever, senior living facilities are busy with enrollments. According to A Place for Mom, 10,000 baby boomers retire each day. Thus, the need for space at senior care facilities will increase. Unfortunately, senior care facilities presently face labor challenges. Six out of ten nursing homes are not admitting new residents due to recent staff shortages.

    Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Jim Bogner, is directing the trial. The goal is to prove the efficacy of NorthShore products at senior care facilities in addition to challenging the current standards of incontinence care.

    Currently, nursing care protocol typically requires resident changes every two hours, including several overnight changes. The constant changing of products can result in residents losing sleep. Studies show that seniors who sleep up to eight hours have a decreased risk of chronic diseases. Furthermore, seniors using inferior incontinence products may be susceptible to skin breakdown, whether those seniors reside in their own homes or in senior living facilities.

    NorthShore products offer premium protection for individuals with heavy to total incontinence. They can absorb large amounts of liquid while also maintaining healthy skin. This new trial may show that there is no longer a need for frequent incontinence product changing, including during overnight hours.

    “Based on thousands of NorthShore’s consumer customers with heavy to total incontinence who have experienced sound skin health while sleeping through the night over the years, we recognize that proving similar clinical outcomes in the senior living facility setting is needed and clinical trial data that will be generated is the key to NorthShore accessing the business-to-business market,” says Jim Bogner.

    Vice President of Sales Sandra DiVito states, "NorthShore wants to provide care facilities with dependable incontinence products for seniors managing heavy incontinence. We want to help clinical caregivers provide seniors the best care possible while also enabling cost savings for senior living facilities through a combination of labor and materials reductions."

    Results from the first two of several clinical trials in a series planned for 2022 were recently completed with a summary available at McKnight's Senior Living. Twenty additional facilities have been enrolled with data collection scheduled to begin in September 2022. Upon these future trials' completion, additional updates will be made available on NorthShore. For questions, email Sandra DiVito at sdivito@northshorecare.com or visit NorthShore.com.




    Founded in 2002, NorthShore Care Supply has helped 2.5 million individuals manage incontinence and give their loved ones and caregivers peace of mind. The company is committed to #EndHealthStigma, as we help 80 million Americans managing some form of bladder or bowel incontinence live their lives to the fullest. Our featured NorthShore® brand is the leading premium adult diaper brand in the U.S. and is available at NorthShore.com or (800) 563-0161. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook @NorthShoreCareSupply and Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @NorthShoreCare.

  • The Adult Diaper Company Ranks Number One Online Shop in Medical Supply Category

    (Green Oaks, Ill.) January 24, 2023 –

    NorthShore was recognized by Newsweek as one of the Best Online Shops of 2023

    NorthShore Care Supply, the leading brand of adult diapers and incontinence supplies, was recognized by Newsweek as one of the Best Online Shops of 2023.

    Newsweek, the popular news magazine, teamed up with the respected, global, data research firm Statista to present the best online shops consumers should consider in 2023.

    Rankings are based on criteria online shoppers value: website usability, security, and how likely they are to purchase at a particular shop. Newsweek rankings recognize 1,000 shops in the United States in over 30 categories.

    NorthShore Care Supply ranked number one in the Medical Supplies category, surpassing leading brands such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, and AllegroMedical.

    Since 2002, NorthShore's mission has been to improve the lives of individuals managing incontinence with life-changing products. The company’s products are designed to help individuals managing heavier urinary and bowel incontinence.

    Its brand of adult diapers and supplies are available in more sizes, styles, and absorbency levels. NorthShore focuses on helping individuals find the right product by focusing on their lifestyle, sizing, and incontinence needs.

    The ecommerce brand has undergone site updates and added interactive tools to help consumers find a product that meets their needs. The Product Finder Tool and Sample Program provide customized product recommendations to consumers within seconds. NorthShore's website also offers Auto-Ship ordering options to help consumers save on orders and stay stocked with their needed products.

    NorthShore has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and over 5,000 five-star verified customer reviews. NorthShore proudly offers adults, families, and caregivers premium adult diapers and incontinence products. NorthShore's goal is to provide a seamless online ordering experience so consumers can get their needed products with ease.

    “It’s a great honor to be recognized as the number one online shop in the medical supplies category this year,” says Adam Greenberg, president and founder of NorthShore Care Supply. “Our website has evolved from a diverse catalog to a patient-centered, educational shopping experience featuring our own NorthShore® brand. It’s now easier than ever for people to shop for premium absorbent products that stay confidently dry for even the heaviest control problems.”

    To learn more about NorthShore’s products and services, visit NorthShore.com.




    NorthShore was founded in 2002 to empower people to live with the dignity and freedom they deserve and has helped over 2.5 million families keep their loved ones protected from leaks.The company is committed to helping 80 million Americans manage bladder or bowel incontinence while living their lives to the fullest.Our featured NorthShore® brand is the leading premium adult diaper brand in the U.S. and is available at NorthShore.com or by calling (800) 563-0161. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok @NorthShoreCare.

  • 20-Year Anniversary in Serving Families with Absorbent Adult Diapers and Incontinence Products 

    NorthShore 20th Year Anniversary Logo

    (Green Oaks, Ill.) June 30, 2022 – This July, NorthShore will celebrate its 20th anniversary in business. NorthShore is more than an online incontinence brand; The company offers kind, caring service with premium adult diapers and incontinence products. Adam Greenberg, founder of NorthShore Care Supply, shares the story behind the company.

    "I founded this company in 2002. At that time, my father was suffering through the late stages of brain cancer. He started to lose control of his bladder. I thought there needed to be something done to destigmatize bladder control issues and incontinence, to allow people to live life with dignity," says Adam Greenberg.

    Since 2002, NorthShore has been on a mission to serve individuals with quality products and services. Discreet home delivery is a top priority for those managing incontinence. Over the past 20 years, NorthShore has shipped all orders in unmarked boxes. NorthShore also takes pride in offering convenient delivery options. Customers can enjoy Auto-Ship and Hold at Location options at participating stores.

    Over the past ten years, NorthShore has grown its private label line in all product categories. NorthShore offers individuals managing incontinence more options with their absorbent products. NorthShore is passionate about creating products with more absorbency, larger sizes, and more style options.

    MEGAMAX Briefs are top-sellers and a customer favorite. They have over a thousand customer reviews. MEGAMAX offers up to 12 hours of protection and a comfortable fit. The briefs offer individuals with heavy to total (urinary and bowel) incontinence more absorbency while keeping them drier at night. Besides creating a successful product line, NorthShore gives back to individuals in need.

    NorthShore partners with organizations such as The Simon Foundation for Continence. The initiative #EndHealthStigma brings education, discussion, and inclusion around incontinence. NorthShore works with non-profit organizations, such as Baby2Baby, to ensure children across the country have access to diapers and supplies.

    NorthShore continues to help adults find products that work for their needs. NorthShore created an online product finder tool that offers expert product recommendations. Customers are welcome to call the award-winning customer care team to request samples.

    "For families, finding a reliable product for a good night's sleep is life-changing. We help families do this by going above and beyond in everything we do. We offer kindness and empathy to provide the best products and experience that people deserve."

    - Adam Greenberg, founder of NorthShore Care Supply

    To learn more about NorthShore, watch the video on YouTube.

  • Reassuringly Strong Protection with Best for 2022 List

    Northshore Adult Incontinence Protection

    NorthShore's Best for 2022 annual guide is now available with recommendations for best adult diapers, pull-up style underwear and other incontinence products. Shown here: GoSupreme Protective Underwear and MegaMax Tab-Style Briefs.

    (Green Oaks, Ill.) March 8, 2022 – NorthShore Care Supply has published the annual guide to its best adult diapers to help consumers quickly identify the best incontinence products for their specific needs. Every year, NorthShore evaluates all of its products, f rom the most absorbent and stylish to customer favorites. NorthShore is the leading direct-to-consumer brand of high-absorbency adult diapers, protective underwear and incontinence supplies in North America

    “We are excited to announce the 2022 Products of the Year recommendations and help individuals managing incontinence find the best products,” says Adam Greenberg, president and founder of NorthShore. “What makes our Best for 2022 products so trusted is our unique commitment to empowering people to live their lives to the fullest, backed by over 2.5 million Americans who we have helped over the years.”

    The Best for 2022 list includes NorthShore flagship products such as MEGAMAX Adult Diapers with Tabs and GoSupreme Protective Underwear. Both are consistently rated by independent lab testing as up to 3x more absorbent than leading store brands. They are also top-rated by customers year after year. Additional recommendations for the best of the best incontinence supplies for 2022 include:

    • Best for Home – MagicSorb Air Underpads
    • Best Underwear for Women – GoSupreme Lite
    • Best Leak Guards for Men – DoubleStop
    • Best for Bowel and Fecal Incontinence – Supreme Lite
    • Best for Stress Incontinence – DynaDry Supreme

    In 2022, individuals managing incontinence won’t need to look far to find the best products for their needs. NorthShore offers products in a variety of absorbencies, sizes and even colors. With the quality, style and features needed, NorthShore products offer reassuringly strong protection to help customers be confidently dry.

    To learn more about products to help manage incontinence, including MEGAMAX, GoSupreme and other Best for 2022 recommendations, visit NorthShore.com or call (800) 563-0161.


  • MEGAMAX™ Tab-Style Adult Briefs
    Up to 12 hours of massive absorbency and wicking ability. Large, heavy-duty refastenable tape tabs with a frontal landing zone to keep the brief snug and comfortable. Extra-wide, extra-long absorbent core for added protection for restless sleepers....

  • With a near limitless absorbency and quick wicking core, NorthShore MEGAMAX™ Briefs are the total package when it comes to protection for up to 12 hours! The oversized absorbent core is the most absorbent at NorthShore® & compares to other brands with ISO max absorbency of 6500ml.* The extra-large core also provides excellent coverage in the front and rear even for that restless sleeper. Tall stand-up leak guards, leg cuffs, and waistband elastics protect against leaks from the leg openings and around the waist.

    The smooth poly plastic exterior is strong and durable to resist sagging and odors even at max capacity. Large, heavy-duty tape tabs are refastenable with a frontal landing zone to hold tabs securely in place. Improved sizing allows for a better fit and leak protection for those with more unique body shapes.

    Features Include:

    Massive Absorbency and Wicking Ability
    Save money, reduce changes and the need for boosters with the almost endless capacity of MEGAMAX™.

    Refastenable Tabs with Frontal Landing Zone
    Large, heavy-duty, refastenable tape tabs with frontal landing zone to hold firm at full capacity.

    Improved Sizing & Comfort
    Unique right-sized briefs fit better and prevent leaks for wider range of body shapes. Strong elastic in front & rear waistbands.

    Extra-Wide, Extra-Long Absorbent Core
    Maximum coverage in front and rear day and night, even for restless sleepers.

    Smooth and Strong Backsheet
    Smooth plastic waterproof exterior resists sagging and odors even at full capacity.

    Available in 5 Colors
    Match any outfit with MEGAMAX™ briefs in White, Blue, Pink and Black.

    Click here to learn more today!

  • GoSupreme® Pull-Up Style Underwear
    3x absorbency of store brands + extra coverage, small to 3XL! Improved leg elastics will fit great for those with skinny legs while still remaining comfortable for others. Plus, silky-smooth feel against the skin; extra waist elastics....

  • The GoSupreme® offers extraordinary overnight protection while providing a better fit for individuals with unique body types. Its smaller European sizes allow a more snug fit around the legs. This feature prevents leakage, a primary concern for many users.

    GoSupreme's unique built in elastics provide a closer fit to the body and reduce bulkiness. The extra-long contoured lining within GoSupreme® helps wick away liquid with more coverage extending from the front to the rear giving more protection for bowel and urinary containment.

    Features Include:

    Strong Comfortable Waistband
    Body-gripping waist elastics prevent sagging for a body-close fit.

    Dual Leak Guards
    Help prevent leaks near the leg openings.

    Maximum Absorbency
    Overnight absorbency; sleep all night without getting up to change.

    On-the-Go Design
    Great for Active Daytime use.

    Front/Back Identification (White only)
    Printed wetness indicators plus blue lined waistband indicates rear.

    Click here to learn more today!

  • Supreme Wipes
    Durable yet soft quilted wipes that won't tear easily. NorthShore Supreme Heavy-Duty Quilted 9x13 in. wipes are designed for use on the entire body. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, our wipes are hypoallergenic, unscented, and alcohol-free.


  • Our NorthShore Supreme Wipes are extra large and for use on the entire body. The wipes are gentle and premoistened with Aloe and Calendula to soothe the skin. Quilting makes these wipes extra soft and absorbent. They can be used for cleansing of the entire body. Latex-free. X-Large come in easy 50 ct. soft pack with pop-up dispensing. X-Large wipes are 9 x 13 inches. Baby wipes come in easy 64 ct. soft pack with one-wipe dispensing and are sized at 7 x 8 inches. Do not flush, dispose in trash.

    Features Include:

    Hypoallergenic, Unscented, and alcohol-free.

    Quilted to grab debris and strong for entire body use.

    Soothing and Healing
    Contains Aloe and Calendula to soothe.

    Handy Dispensing
    Easy one-wipe dispensing for one handed use and flip-top lid keeps wipes moist.

    Click here to learn more today!

  • DynaDry® Supreme-Shaped Incontinence Pads
    Our soft and comfortable lining quickly pulls liquids away from the body. Leak guards provide extra protection from leakage out the sides. The adhesive strip holds liners securely in place in regular underwear....

  • NorthShore® DynaDry® Supreme Liners are highly absorbent liners designed to be worn in regular underwear. Contoured to fit closer to the body and features leak guards for better leak protection and containment.

    The absorbent lining quickly pulls liquids away from the body to keep skin healthy. The cloth-like exterior is waterproof and has a wide adhesive strip to keep the liner in place in underwear.

    New and improved sizes M & L now feature full-length adhesive to stay securely in place, taller leak guards, and a faster drying top sheet.

    Sizes XL & 2XL offer wider coverage and taller leak guards, ideal for urinary and/or bowel urgency & heavy leaks.

    Features Include:

    Excellent Absorbency
    High absorbency lining quickly locks in liquids so you can feel confident and protected to live how you want.

    Extra Protection
    Features leak guards that help prevent leakage during movement.

    Comfortable Fit
    Contoured shape fits close to the body for a close fit.

    Cloth-like exterior is soft, quiet, and rustle-free.

    Stays Secure in Underwear
    Adhesive strip holds liners securely in place in regular underwear. These are not to be worn with an adult diaper as they are not flow-through liners.

  • DoubleStop® Male Guards for Incontinence
    Designed for use in regular underwear. Effective for managing light urinary incontinence, especially prostate related overflow. DoubleStop® Male Guards feature a triangular shape providing masculine coverage where it is needed most....

  • Designed for men with light leakage, NorthShore DoubleStop® Male Guards effective for managing post-prostate surgery urinary incontinence. For use in regular underwear, they help you to stay dry and odor-free. The triangular shape with high absorbency core provides masculine coverage where it is needed most.

    Size Large guards measure 5.5 x 11 in. and feature a gray, plastic-backed backsheet that stays discreet under clothing. This size is individually and discreetly wrapped to make them easy to carry.

    Size XL guards are 7.5 x 10 in. with a white, cloth-like backsheet.

    Both sizes feature leak guards for even better containment. The adhesive strip securely holds product in place so it won't shift or slip out of place as you maintain an active lifestyle. Never flush used guards in toilet.

    Features Include:

    Triangular Shape

    Wider coverage at the top provides security, while inner leak guards protect from side leakage.

    Dry Fast Core™

    Super-absorbent microbeads in core lock in liquid quickly for reliable protection.

    Soft Backsheet

    Both cloth-like and plastic backsheets are gentle against the skin and less noisy for wearer discretion.

    Adhesive Strip

    Helps keep guard securely in place when worn with brief-style underwear.


    Size Regular is individually wrapped for convenient portability.

  • Learn More About NorthShore's Research
    Scan the QR code today!...

  • The purpose of the 2022 case study was to assess clinical and economic efficacy of a new class of extreme absorbency wearable incontinence products  (200-300% greater absorbency than leading brands) for heavily incontinent senior living facility residents’  continuous 12-hour use (i.e., replacing the soiled article approximately once every twelve hours), and use baseline data to assess (a) corresponding impacts for incidence of incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), prevalence of urinary tract infections (UTI), number of uninterrupted hours of sleep, and (b) associated implications for labor/time needed for providing nursing care to these residents (increase, decrease, or no change).

    Access the study’s details and view results, which included a low incidence of IAD, UTI, and sleep interruptions with use of extreme absorbency, extended wear adult incontinence products in senior living facilities and corresponding nursing labor cost savings in excess of $8,000 per year per resident.

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