Jamar Health Products, Inc.

Greendale,  WI 
United States
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Slide to safety with PATRAN single patient use slide sheets

Jamar Health Products, Inc., produces PATRAN slide sheets for safe patient handling. The single-patient, multiple-use (sometimes called disposable) PATRAN makes moving patients easier and reduces patient skin shear. PATRAN assists with transfers between surfaces, repositioning in bed, getting slings, air mats or linens under patients, starting mobility exercises and even getting compression hose on easier. The slippery, flexible material also allows caregivers to get a PATRAN under a patient without log-rolling or even reaching under a patient. The low-cost and compact design make it easy to store close to patients so it always handy and available throughout the patient's entire stay. The PATRAN measures 72"x36" making it one of the largest on the market. The size provides more coverage for the patient and caregivers are no longer needed to hold the patient's head and feet in most cases. PATRAN brand slide sheets also come in smaller PATRANxs (39x36") and larger PATRANbari (45x78") styles as well as the individually wrapped PATRANsolo. The PATRANapp is a compression hose applicator that can be used for inpatient or outpatient care. 

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