Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  

Indianapolis,  IN 
United States
  • Booth: 213

Welcome! Learn about Dakin's drug & medical devices here.

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As the exclusive manufacturer of Dakin's Solution for the past 35+ years, we invite you to visit Booth 213 to learn more about our antimicrobial solution. We offer topical non-cytotoxic products for a variety of needs. We produce Dakin's as a drug and as a medical device for the ease of administration.

Visit GetDakins.com/WOCNext or email Sales@dakins.net for more info.

Brands: Dakin's Solution® Full Strength (0.5%) Dakin's Solution® Half Strength (0.25%) Dakin's Solution® Quarter Strength (0.125%) Di-Dak-Sol® (Diluted Dakin's Solution® 0.0125%) Dakin's Wound Cleanser Dakin's Wound Cleanser Pro