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Reduce HAC/HAI score by atleast 30% with Consure Medical

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We acknowledge and thank you all for your advocacy & dedication to the care of patients everywhere.

Consure Medical has collaborated with various nurses like you to develop a full spectrum of active incontinence management solutions. We found long shifts and long working hours are a major concern for nurses as it causes physical and psychological fatigue which can lead to cause medical errors, put patients’ safety at risk and even cause depression and anxiety.

Studies suggested automation can help in harmonizing nurse work flow, simplify documentation tasks and easing communication so that nurses get time back to spend with their patients and focus on care delivery. Managing incontinent patients requires 170 minutes of nursing time which could otherwise be utilized in other crucial patient care. 

Consure Medical reinvented stool management kit with Qoramatic - Automated Stool Management that can help nurses save 7-8 minutes per hour and can focus on other aspects of patient care. Qoramatic is the industry's first ever automated stool managemenmt device that uses negative pressure suction.

  • ​Proactive fecal diversion 
  • No manual irrigation, milking and maintenance
  • No inflation or over inflation 
  • 0mmHg radial pressure on rectal mucosa
  • Eliminates risk of necrosis, mucosal impairment and sphincter damage.
  • Negligible leakage

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  • Qoramatic Automated stool management
    Qoramatic automated stool management kit proactively diverts fecal effluents, saves 174 of nursing time and reduces effort...

  • Traditionally, fecal incontinence management has relied on the use of absorbent pads also known as chucks to manage symptoms. However, these methods can be uncomfortable and can lead to skin irritation, infection, and odor.

    Qoramatic Automated stool management kit has revolutionized the management of fecal incontinence by leveraging negative pressure suction that proactively voids the rectum before the episode and diverts the stool away from the patient to an external drainage bag.

    Proactively voiding the rectum, without relying on peristalsis, reduces the chances of leakage and eliminates the need to milk the device unlike other balloon catheters. It also reduces up to 170 mins per day of nursing time by automating FI management, an otherwise time consuming and tedious that would require multiple care providers. It is comfortable for patients due to its indwelling component which gently rests at the anorectal junction exerting 0mmHg radial pressure. This enhances patient comfort and better clinical outcomes. It reduces risk of sphincter or rectal damage, and injuries caused by high pressure baloon. It also reduces risk of CDI,IAD,HAPI by over 50% and improve quality metrics.

    • Proactive fecal diversion 
    • No manual intervention- automated irrigation, milking, maintenance 
    • No inflation or over inflation 
    • 0mmHg radial pressure on rectal mucosa

  • QiVi Male External Urine Management System
    QiVi is a male external urine management systm that uses negative pressure suction to divert urine output into a collection canister....

  • QiVi Male External catheter is a novel urine management system which diverts urine using an external suction providing accurate output meansurement and preserving patient's skin intergrity. QiVi is designed to work in lateral or seating position. Cranial suction tube eliminates kinking or medical device related pressure injuries. The dermal friendly adhesive contours to the suprapubic region to provide secure adhesion and works even on moderate hair follicles. It is the only suction catheter that works on retracted anatomy and abdominal pannus. The pleated pouch design adds volume to the device. Multiple air vents help in maintaining an adequate microclimate around the anatomy and reduces risk of IAD and several infections.

    • Minimize CAUTI, IAD, MASD
    • Keeps the anatomy dry and provides 99.6% accurate output measurement
    • Universal fit design even works on retracted anatomy and abdominal pannus

  • QiVi Automated Urine management
    The urine management device enables use of suction based catheter is absence of wall suction....

  • Mean of 14.3 resident falls per month were recorded at the LTC facilities, 36% of which occurred in patients attempting to access the bathroom.

    Automated Urine Management (AUM) is a Vaccum enabled drainage bag which enables the use of suction based catheters in the absence of wall suction units. It works efficiently with most of the external catheters which require negative pressure for urine diversion. It can reduce frequent visits to the bathroom and minimize risk of falls. Patients and careproviders can get the benefit of external catheters at Nursing Homes, Long Term Care Settings, and even at home.

    • Low ambient noise, preserves patient comfort
    • Accurate and real time output measurement 
    • Reduces risk of healthcare associated infections and readmissions. 

  • QiVi Female External Urine Management System
    QiVi FEC is the first truly female external urine management system which diverts urine away from the body with an external suction....

  • QiVi Female external catheter is a truly external Urine Management System that prevents skin breakdown and necrosis on the labia. The flexible design of the device contours over the anatomy and does not require parting of labia to anchor at patient's perineum. The adhesive offsets device anchoring to the less sensative area of suprapubic region maintainting skin integrity while creating an adequate adhesion. 

    • Minimize CAUTI, IAD, MASD
    • Hydrophibic material keeps the anatomy dry 
    • No necrosis on the labia 
    • Comfortable and Universal fit
  • Qora Stool Management Kit
    Qora is the first ever Stool Management Kit that does not employ a high pressure balloon; self expanding lattice deploys above the pectinate line.

  • Qora is the first non-balloon closed stool management system which voids the rectum and diverts stool away from the patient in an external collection bag. The ergonomic applicator insertion mechanism instead of digital insertion ensures hygienic and accurate deployment every single time. Qora SMK can be used on patients with tonic or atonic sphincter, as well as patients with varied stool consistencies like liquid stool, semi-liquid stool or even semi-formed stool – Bristol 5, 6, & 7. The device employs a stool sampling port that helps in contactless stool sampling using a slip tip syringe.The device also allows 2X faster fluid delivery than a balloon catheter for rectal administration of essential medications.

    • First non balloon closed fecal management system
    • Reduces incidence of healthcare associated infections
    • End to end malodor containment 
    • Wider patient eligibility- Works on both atonic and tonic sphincter patients

  • QiVi Lite External Urine Management System
    QiVi Lite is a male external urine management device that does not require an external suction source to divert urine output. The device is used with a drainage bag to collect urine output....

  • QiVi Lite is a male external urine management device which is especially designed for low resource settings. It diverts urine output into a drainage bag without the need of an external suction source. It is ideal for patients or healthcare settings that do not have access to a suction source for UI management. It minimizes risk of clinical complications which can lead to readmissions and increased treatment cost. It provides continuous drainage of urine and prevents leakage.
    • Comfortable care for elderly patients
    • Reduces risk of IAD, MASD, CAUTI and other clinical complications
    • Universal fit design. Even works with retracted or inverted anatomy.