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Prelivia by Rehabtronics - Transforming Pressure Injury Care

Prelivia is the world's first neuroscience based pressure injury technology. Hospital-acquired pressure injuries continue to be among the most common, expensive, resource intensive, and deadly facility acquired conditions. Prelivia's proprietary neurostimulation technology is the first to directly act at the underlying etiology of pressure injury formation - ishemica and poor perfusion. Prelivia has been shown to continuously stimulate blood circulation, increase tissue oxygenation by 28%, and reduce pressure-induced deep tissue damage by 80%. Prelivia is comfortable, requires less than 10 minutes of nursing time per shift, and easily integrates into nursing workflow.

We are offering a limited number of free 90-day Quality Improvement trials of Prelivia at qualified healthcare facilities. See how easy Prelivia can help improve care quality, lower costs, and reduce nursing burden. Come learn more about how Prelivia can help reduce facility-acquire pressure injuries. 

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  • (May 05, 2022)
    Come stop by our booth (134) and ask us about our free 90-day Prelivia Trial Program.

 Press Releases

  • Rehabtronics is pleased to announce that Genome BC is providing $1.25 million to support commercialization of Prelivia, the world’s first neuroscience-based technology designed to protect patients against deadly pressure injuries (also known as bed sores and pressure ulcers).  Despite an estimated $26 billion spent on current treatments, pressure injuries kill 60,000 people every year in the United States alone. 

    The funds will facilitate free 90-day quality improvement trials of Prelivia at qualified healthcare facilities in the United States. Rehabtronics is inviting applications for the free trials now. Genome BC is allocating the funding from its Industry Innovation Program (I2), which supports promising technologies at early stages of commercial development.

    “Genome BC has an impressive track record of supporting the most innovative companies in Western Canada and we are honoured by their vote of confidence in our team and technology,” said Dr. Rahul Samant, CEO of Rehabtronics.  “This investment accelerates our plan to help health care facilities fight deadly pressure injuries. We look forward to implementing more quality improvement trials of Prelivia at qualified healthcare institutions in the United States.”

    Prelivia has already gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510 (k) Clearance to promote healthy blood circulation and maintains healthy tissue in immobile patients. The neurostimulation device is the first product to address the underlying physiological pathway of pressure injury development, which is the lack of blood flow and oxygen to the tissue.

    Prelivia is patented and has been scientifically proven through animal and human studies. The technology is currently part of the Protect2 multicentered randomized controlled study to further validate its effectiveness in decreasing progression and facilitating healing of pressure injuries. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation is currently recruiting participants.

    “Genome BC invests in cutting-edge, innovative life sciences companies,” said Dr. Tony Brooks, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization at Genome BC. “Rehabtronics has demonstrated there is an unmet need for this type of innovative product.  Our investment will support the commercialization of Rehabtronics’s device to improve health care outcomes across multiple care settings, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities and in-home personal care.”


  • Prelivia
    Prelivia addresses the etiology of pressure injury formation. By increasing local blood circulation and tissue oxygenation by 28%, Prelivia is able to reduce pressure-induced tissue damage by 80%....

  • Prelivia uses proprietary neurostimulation technology, scientifically proven to continuously stimulate blood circulation and minimize tissue damage. It has been established that a pressure injury may form via extrinsic and intrinsic. Externally, sustained pressure over bony prominences (extrinsic) and a lack of blood circulation, and internally, tissue oxygenation and tissue perfusion (intrinsic). Prelivia is the first technology to addresses both factors. Prelivia delivers Intermittent Electrical Stimulation (IES) through pads that are placed on at-risk areas on a patient’s skin. Prelivia is then able to provide protection 24/7 without exhausting the patient’s muscles.

    In a series of animal, human, and clinical studies it has been shown that ‘IES’ aids in:

    • redistributing pressure, 
    • reforming compressed muscle tissue,
    • increasing tissue oxygenation, and 
    • reducing deep tissue damage caused by pressure.

    Clinical studies have demonstrated that Prelivia is safe and easy to deploy in hospital settings. Use by patients and health care workers have demonstrated no barriers to implementation as well as acceptance by all stakeholders. Prelivia is small enough to be attached to a bed or a wheelchair.