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United States
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Incontinence care and fall safety protection to manage risk

Principle Business Enterprises®

Premium protection through Tranquility® incontinence care and Pillow Paws® fall prevention products.

Tranquility® - Superabsorbent products that improve resident/patient/client outcomes and staff satisfaction

Manage Risk of Skin Issues/Infection

• Absorbs and retains to keep skin dry, reducing potential skin issues. Studies show:

• Reduced skin irritation by up to 83%

• Potential reduction in UTIs and other infections

• Decreases wetness 5:1 compared to other brands

• Lowers costs associated with skin breakdown

Manage Risk of Staff Burnout/Turnover

• Tranquility reduces unnecessary staff labor/burden, while improving resident quality of life:

• Reduce brief changes by 20% and linen changes by 74%

• Creates less busy work for staff

• Increases quality time spent with residents

• Happier residents + families = higher scores

Pillow Paws® - No-slip footwear with maximum tread coverage to provide traction on slippery floors and wet surfaces

Manage Risk of Slips and Falls

• Helping to reduce falls in facilities for 60 years

• Maximum tread coverage

• Highest-performing stretch and softest material in a full range of sizes and styles

Brands: Pillow Paws® safety footwear offers maximum tread coverage Tranquility® superabsorbent products improve wearer outcomes and staff satisfaction