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Welcome to the NelDerm E-Booth - Learn about the Heel P.O.D!

The Heel P.O.D.  provides an alternative to the current pressure offloading devices in a way that is simple, effective, and improves patient compliance.  It is a hygienic option, as the removable cover is waterproof and easily cleaned with a simple sanitation wipe or damp cloth.  The P.O.D. contains 4 layers of memory foam, which is more comfortable for the patient, while also making the product conforming during continuous wear.  The single-strap provides ease-of-use for clinicians, and the unique, open-foot design offers visual assurance of effective offloading. 

Our Heel P.O.D.  benefits the patient by providing true, effective offloading of the heel in a way that is comfortable, allows for range of motion, and won't cause overheating, all of which improves compliance.  For the clinician, it provides a simple, time-saving alternative to what has previously been offered for pressure offloading.  It allows for direct visualization that the heel is offloaded and in the correct position, along with easy access for assessments and dressing changes. 

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Brands: Heel P.O.D.™ (Memory Foam Pressure Offloading Device) - Available in Standard and X-Large


  • Heel P.O.D.
    The Heel P.O.D. is a memory foam pressure offloading device that provides an alternative to the current devices in a way that is simple, effective, and improves patient compliance. It is simple, hygienic, and improves patient compliance....

  • The Heel P.O.D.  is a multi-layered memory foam device that comfortably elevates the patient's heel and allows for visual assurance of effective offloading.

    Key Features include:

    • Memory Foam
      • 4" thick, 6-8" wide
      • Multiple conforming layers
      • Long wear time 
    • Single Strap
      • Elastic for easy securement
      • Adjustable hook & loop
      • Compatible with SCD devices
    • Cover
      • Water-resistant
      • 4-way stretch
      • Removable w/zipper
      • Wipeable
    • Positioning Wedge (Optional)
      • Limits hip and leg rotation
      • Removable and can be used on either side

    Key Benefits of the Heel P.O.D. include

    For the Patient:

    • Compliance - during extended wear time
    • Comfort - due to memory foam, less bulky/hot
    • Safety - with complete offloading of the foot

    For the Clinician:

    • Visualization - of offloading/elevation
    • Access - during assessments and wound care
    • Hygienic - cover is wipeable and washable
    • Time-saving - less time to put on/take off

    Indications for Use:

    1. Treatment
      • Pre-existing heel or ankle wounds
      • Other conditions currently treated with other pressure offloading devices
    2. Prevention
      • Bed-ridden/limited mobility
      • Diabetic
      • Insensate
      • Post-operative
      • Paraplegic/Quadriplegic
      • Others deemed at-risk as per treating physician/nurse's clinical assessment


    • The Heel P.O.D. is not intended to be used while patient is walking or standing
    • Single-patient use recommended