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Check out our new Airisana support surface.

Encompass is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, therapeutic support surfaces, and disposable and single-use medical products. We believe that every patient, resident, caregiver and family member should feel Safe and Comfortable in today’s healthcare environments.

Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface, a transformative innovation and unique approach in pressure therapy and microclimate management. Airisana was developed because, even with all of the great surfaces available already, Healthcare -Acquired Pressure Injury rates have not only stopped declining, they’ve actually risen in the last few years. Airisana combines unique air delivery and all the best practices of pressure therapies to help transform patient care.

Brands: Airisana(TM) Therapeutic Support Surface, ProActive Air(R) Plus Therapeutic Support Surface, eMax(R) Therapeutic Support Surface.

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    Photo Caption: Airisana® Therapeutic Support Surface, Patented Innovation from Encompass Group.

    Encompass Group Showcases Transformative Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface at WOCNext 2022

    McDonough, GA, – (June 2022) – Encompass Group, LLC is showcasing its patented Airisana™ Therapeutic Support Surface at the WOCNext 2022 Conference, June 5-June 8, in Fort Worth, Texas.

    “The Airisana surface was developed because healthcare-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) rates have not only stopped declining, they’ve actually risen in the last few years,” said Michelle Daniels, Encompass Group VP, Product Strategy, Development and Administration. “Contributing factors like increased acuities, decompensation, increased use of medical devices, and patient adaptation all play a role. But with Airisana, we’re giving caregivers an important new tool. Combined with the benefits of its revolutionary design and easy implementation, Arisana helps nurses, clinicians, and their institutions, do a better job of battling pressure injuries. We’re delighted that Airisana has been so well received by the nursing community. We’re looking forward to showcasing this product at the WOCNext 2022 Conference.”

    Each Airisana system comes with an intuitive soft-touch user control panel that’s quiet enough to ensure a comfortable healing environment and keeps control in the care provider’s hands. The repeating pressure therapy patterns employed by traditional therapeutic support surfaces increase the probability that a patient’s body can adjust to the process, which can impede healing. Airisana reduces this risk with randomized pressure therapy modes that promote sustained pressure reduction and combine the benefits of multiple pressure therapies into a constantly changing surface a patient’s body doesn’t get used to. Airisana conforms evenly to irregularities such as body contours. This puts the greatest amount of contact between skin and surface and ensures decreased pressure without interfering with patient mobility. With turn-assist reducing friction and shear risk, and reducing caregiver injury, nurses and clinicians can now easily reposition patients as needed.  

    Michelle Daniels concludes, “We designed Airisana in consultation with medical engineers, biologists, clinicians, and WOC nurse professionals to address a broad range of issues associated with current therapies and surfaces. These include improving clinical efficiency and reducing costs; shortening time-released-to-care and time-to-mobility; reducing pressure- and moisture-associated skin deterioration; reducing staff injuries from repositioning patients; easing egress and ingress; and reducing acclimatization of the patient to the surface. From the beginning, our goal with Airisana has been to help keep healthcare-acquired pressure injury rates moving in the right direction: Down.”

    Full information is available at www.encompassgroup.com/airisana-reducing-pressure-injuries

    Facilities interested in participating in the Encompass facility evaluation program can request to participate at www.encompassgroup.com/airisana-therapeutic-mattress-product-evaluation.

    About Encompass Group

    Encompass is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of healthcare textiles, healthcare apparel, patient warming and therapeutic support products for the healthcare industry. 

    Encompass believes that every patient, resident, caregiver, and family member should feel safe and comfortable in today’s healthcare environments. The way Encompass enhances the healthcare experience is by developing innovative products that are reliably delivered and cost effective for all providers.

    The markets we serve include Acute Care, Long-Term Care/Senior Care, Retail Health Care Apparel, Hospitality, and Government Operations.

    For more information, please visit www.encompassgroup.com, email info@encompassgroup.net, or call (800) 284-4540. WOCNext Booth #350.

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