• Stop by the Darco booth  #208 for product information and FREE samples. We can also schedule Zoom webinar training sessions for your staff. We specialize in effective off the shelf offloading products to assist in the healing of lesions through Grade 2 ulcerations of the feet. ... Learn More

  • As with everything else, prices are continuing to go up.  Our Company, Histologics LLC, will be having our prices go up in the very, very near future.  With that said, please come by, get your 15% Discount flier to use on your first order with us, and meet Dr. Neal... Learn More

  • Stomagienics will be holding a raffle to give away one of Joy Hooper's Anatomical Aprons!  This much sought after teaching device allows for easier explanation of ostomy type and care.  We hope you stop by and sign up! Your Stomagienics team ~ https://apronsbyjoy.com/ Learn More

  • Seni believes in a person-centered approach to continence care. Providing premium quality products helps those experiencing incontinence have a higher quality of life. We can provide free product samples, educational materials, personalized product recommendation, and more. Interested in learning more about Seni? Visit Booth #236 or... Learn More