(309) What You Need To Know Before You Go Travelling

  • Room: Ballroom A
  • Session Number:309
Monday,June 06, 2022:4:35 PM -5:35 PM
Contact Hours: 1


Zarah Perry-Woodford RN, MSC
Consultant Nurse Pouch and Stoma Care
St Mark's Hospital


For millions of people around the globe, travelling is an integral part of modern life, encompassing both recreational and occupational activities, with little attention being paid to the complexities it may hold. However, since the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 strain of the coronavirus, the concept of travel has changed universally. For some people, travel has become impossible or too challenging to consider, leading to an array of physical and psychological conditions. This session aims to inform nurses how they can holistically support stoma and pouch patients who are either new to the concept of travel or those who have lost confidence to do so.


Learning Outcome

To be able to provide holistic advice for stoma or pouch patients wishing to travel by assisting them to navigate the various modes of travel, find accessible toilet facilities and make necessary lifestyle changes.


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