(307A) The Effects of Education About UI on Nurses and CNAs

  • Room: Ballroom A
  • Session Number:307A
Monday,June 06, 2022:3:25 PM -3:55 PM
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Kathleen Hunter PhD, RN, NP
Professor, Nurse Practitioner
University of Alberta


Nurses and health care aides provide the majority of frontline continence care across settings, from hospital to long term care. Unfortunately, this care is often seen as 'simple" or "basic", and assigned to care aides with minimal professional involvement. Myths abound, including the myth that incontinence is an inevitable part of aging. This presentation will focus on how education for nurses and health care aides can shift to understanding continence as a complex part of care when viewed from the lens of lower urinary tract symptoms rather than a binary of people being simply continent or incontinent. The different learning needs for licensed nurses versus care aides will be identified, and approaches to team work to improve continence promotion, assessment and management through education strategies explored.


Learning Outcome

Participants will understand the need to consider the educate nurses and care aides on the complexity of lower urinary tract symptom and assessment.