(205) Low Anterior Resection Syndrome

  • Room: 202
  • Session Number:205
Sunday,June 05, 2022:3:20 PM -4:20 PM
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Denise Hibbert RGN, MSc, BSc(hons), DipHe, ONC, STN, FSSCRS
Senior Advisor to Director General


Globally there are around 1.8 million new cases of colorectal cancer per year with rectal cancer accounting for one third of all colorectal cancers. Sphincter sparing surgery with low anterior resection of the rectum is commonly the surgery of choice. Low anterior resection syndrome (LARS), faecal urgency, incontinence and difficult evacuation, often combined with urinary and sexual dysfunction, may be a consequence. Advances in the treatment of rectal cancer have increased cancer survivorship leading to an increase in individuals with LARS. Enterostomal Therapists, WOC Nurses and Colorectal Nurse Specialist, are well positioned to assess and manage many of the LARS symptoms.


Learning Outcome

After this session learners will better understand the changes to the defecation mechanism after treatment for rectal cancer, which will aid assessment and management leading to improved patient outcomes.

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