(411) Pressure Injury Risk Factors: Across the Pediatric Spectrum

  • Room: 202
  • Session Number:411
Tuesday,June 07, 2022:4:35 PM -5:35 PM
Contact Hours: 1


Ann Marie Nie PhDc, MSN, CNP, FNP-BC, CWOCN
Wound, Ostomy Nurse Practitioner
Dayton Children's Hospital


Pediatric pressure injury prevention measures have historically been based on adult risk factors. This session will discuss new research that was performed to close the gap on the differences in immobility and medical device related pressure injuries across the spectrum of ages in pediatrics; >25 weeks gestation to 21 years of age. Developing a pediatric pressure injury prevention program, requires decreasing the risk factors in the population of pediatrics being treated. The session will explore the discovered risk factors among pediatrics and how to utilize them for pressure injury prevention programs.


Learning Outcome

The learner will discover differences in pressure injury risk factors in different ages of the pediatric population.