(503) Challenges of Obtaining Supplies for Ostomy Management Around the World

  • Room: Ballroom A
  • Session Number:503
Wednesday,June 08, 2022:8:40 AM -9:40 AM
Contact Hours: 1


Dee Waugh RN, RM
Dee Waugh Stomaltherapy Services
Laurent Chabal BSc (CBP), RN, OncPall (Cert), Dip (WH), ET, EAWT
Specialised Stoma Nurse and UAS Lecturer
Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côté and Geneva School of Health Science


In developed countries, healthcare professionals and patients have access to vast ranges of ostomy products and systems as well as nurses trained in stoma care. In most developed countries stoma products are fully reimbursed. Appropriate pouch selection can be based on clinical assessment.

In emerging countries, the lack of products available can be challenging and may require the use of unconventional materials when no affordable options are there.

This session will discuss some challenges and creative solutions ET/ Stoma/ Ostomy care Nurses and patients have to deal with over the world.


Learning Outcome

Learn from the challenges and creative solutions that caregivers and patients are facing over the world in selecting and using ostomy products.