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The StomaGenie® Pouch Replacement Cartridge is a single-use, biodegradable device, lined with superabsorbent odor control material, used to assist in applying the pouching system properly and hygienically. With the cartridge covering an exposed stoma, it reduces the risk of effluent or urine skin contact, from small drips to flowing output, promoting healthier peristomal skin. The StomaGenie can be used with all fluid ostomies, ileostomy, urostomy and fluid colostomies.  In addition, the cartridge can be used with both 1 and 2-piece pouches regardless of manufacturer.

When used during an exam, clinicians appreciate the stress-free time needed to properly care for the peristomal skin coupled with added odor control and improved hygiene.  With the fear of an active stoma eliminated, patient dignity is restored and necessary instruction and information is more easily absorbed.  Healthcare professionals are able to maintain time-efficiency and reduce product waste.

The SecurPress is designed to press the baseplate to the skin between the stoma and plastic flange ensuring a firm, even press in this critical area.  The press can be used with or without the StomaGenie.

The StomaGenie Pouch Replacement Cartridge comes in 12 sizes and is Medicare reimbursable under HCPCS A5081 (31/mo) and covered by most health insurance companies.  It is available through Byram Healthcare, as well as local and regional DMEs.  The SecurPress also comes in 12 sizes and is a one time retail purchase through our website, Medical Monks or Amazon.

We are very excited to be here!  We look forward meeting you and sharing our products' many advantages for both the ostomy and healthcare community!

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  • We have created a Stoma Simulator designed to be worn while educating ostomates in ostomy care.  Please visit our booth and sign up for a chance to win one of these valuable tools!


  • StomaGenie Pouch Replacement Cartridge (PRC)
    StomaGenie is designed to capture and contain uncontrolled output during a pouch change. This results in a stress-free, hygiene-friendly experience for the ostomate, caregiver or healthcare professional....

  • According to Leblanc, Whiteley, et al, (JWOCN April 2019):

    • 36.7% of ostomy patients experienced peristomal skin complications during the first 90 days following ostomy surgery.
    • 80%+ of patients experienced some type of stomal or peristomal complications within 2 years of undergoing ostomy surgery.
    • Healthcare costs were approximately $80,000 higher in patients with PSC than patients without.

    The StomaGenie Capture Cartridge is designed to fit over an exposed stoma to capture and contain uncontrolled effluent during a pouch change.  This allows the ostomate, caregiver, changing partner or healthcare professional uninterrupted time to clean, treat and dry peristomal skin prior to new pouching system.

    Incorporating a StomaGenie into a pouch change routine allows for a hygiene-friendly experience without the stress and anxiety typically associated due to the uncertainty of stoma activity.  This results in restored confidence, independence, and dignity to those living with an ostomy because the uncontrolled stoma is finally under control. 

    We look forward to introducing you to our products and the many benefits they offer the ostomy community!

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