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Wraps and Lingerie that are Simply Beautiful !

Ostomy Surgery can leave a women with physical and emotional scars.  We understand those scars at "Simply Beautiful" because the founder had an Ostomy as well.  She wanted to help empower women to feel more confident and desirable again about their new body image. 

The wraps are made with soft spandex material on the inside and a front pocket to keep the pouch from irritating the skin and help secure the weight of the pouch.  These wraps are overlapped with lace and beautiful details.

According to Ali......"Trying to find my new "normal" seemed like it was going to be impossible, until I tried this wrap.  I finally felt "like me" and forgot I had a pouch.  It is very comfortable, so soft, supportive and stylish.  I was able to wear my favorite jeans and shirt without feeling exposed.  Plus it's so beautiful, how could you not feel good about yourself".

Brands: SimplyBeautiful Wraps and Lingerie for women living with an Ostomy. New Collections coming in June for Pre-Teens. Also a wrap for infants and children with a mickey button feeding tube.

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