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Silver Lining Apparel  

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 101

Welcome to Silver Lining Apparel and Dignity Patient Gowns!

Silver Lining Apparel prides itself on manufacturing healthcare apparel, patient gowns and lab wear.

We love our Dignity Patient Gown and think you will as well.

Michael Volk, President, Silver Lining Apparel was frustrated with hospital patient gowns.

Every time he visited a friend in any one of the medical centers on the westside of Los Angeles he encountered the dreaded patient gown.

No matter the supplier, all the gowns had similar less than satisfactory hallmarks.

First, they were all short. Especially embarrassing for tall patients.

Second, they did not wrap around the patient’s back and hips so that their “dignity” was exposed.

Third, many had broken snaps or ties. It was almost impossible to adequately tie them or snap them.

Fourth, to minimize exposure the patients were forced to wear a second gown that protected their “dignity” a bit more.

Fifth, the gowns were shop worn and faded.

All in all, each and every gown he encountered left much to be desired.

So, Michael took action.

He and his team designed a patient gown that ensures that patient dignity is maintained through the course of their hospital stay.

First, each gown is designed with additional length that accommodates both short and tall patients.

Second, each gown is designed with a full “sweep” that maximizes patient coverage and preserves modesty. At rest, the “sweep” may be snapped away from the patient ensuring that less fabric comes in the contact with the patients’ skin.

Third, the metal snaps were replaced with reinforced plastic snaps tested to withstand up to 100 launder cycles.

Fourth, it is no longer necessary to wear a second gown to preserve “dignity”.

Fifth, the fabric withstands up to 100 launder cycles and is fade resistant.

All in all, each and every gown designed with your patient in mind communicates caring and dignity.

Take a look and we are sure that you will agree!

Brands: Dignity Patient Gowns with our "Sleep Sweep" feature. Reusable Isolation Gown


  • Silver Lining Apparel Reusable Isolation Gown
    FDA/CDC AATCC 42/127 EUA 5/22/2020 LEVEL 1 with Certificate
    Our gown is 99% polyester/1% carbon and teflon coated.
    Our second generation will be rated Level 2.
    All gowns will carry the label not to be used in surgical setting and do not use near flame.

  • Reusable isolation gown 

    99% polyester

    1% carbon 

    teflon coated

    AATCC 42/127 PB 70 certificate complies with EUA 5/22/2020 FDA/ CDC requirements.

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