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Global Health Products Inc.  

Rochester,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 858

Visit Booth 858 to learn how to heal wounds in half the time

Global Health Products is a family owned business based in Rochester, New York. We have been dedicated to the healthcare industry for over 25 years.  We design, manufacture and distribute a line of nutritional supplements to address the needs of hospitals, dialysis centers, nursing homes, bariatric, cancer and wound centers as well as our healthy customers. Our line of products include LiquaCel, ProCel, FiberCel, UpCal D and PUSH (Pressure Ulcer Supplement for Healing) wound supplement.

Brands: LiquaCel liquid protein, ProCel whey protein powder and PUSH (Pressure Ulcer Supplement for Healing) collagen dipeptide powder.


  • PUSH Collagen Dipeptide Wound Supplement
    Collagen dipeptide powder that taking twice a day minimum 4 hours apart will add 50%-70% more moisture t the skin in 4-6 weeks helping heal wounds from the inside out and reduce heal times....

  • PUSH (Pressure Ulcer Supplement for Healing) is a new science that will help reduce heal times and potentially prevent wound development.

    In collagen, glycine and proline are the two key aminco acids that promote wound healing in the body. The peptides Hydroxyproline (PO) and Hydroxyglycine (OG) team up to form a patented collagen dipeptide that is not easily degraded. Clinical trials show it is found in the human plasman up to 4 hours after ingestion. Studies show once the PO and OG migrate into the skin structural tissue they stimulate change.  They improve skin health by stimulating fibroblast migration, regulating cell proliferation and enhancing hyaluronic acid synthesis. This creats resilient tissue, stimulates cell division and aids in wound healing.

    PUSH collagen has 30x more concentration of PO and OG than commodity collagen and concentrated liquid proteins on the market.

    All liquid proteins on the market have the glycine and proline however they are standard amino acids chains and will begin to breakdown in the stomach. You need to takee 20 sevings of any liquid protein to get the same amount of PO and OG dipeptides in one serving of PUSH.

    The powder is available in two flavors, pineapple and mixed berry and should be stirred into 2-3ounces of fluid. Makes compliance easier with smaller serving size.

    Studies show taking PUSH 2-4 times per day ( a minimum of 4 hours apart) will hadd 50%-70% more moisture to the skin in 4-6 weeks.  The prime goal of a wound assessment is to elminate slough and eschar and then to establish a wound that that is granulating through dressings that offers constant moist environment. PUSH will improve heal times by adding moisture internally along with a topical dressing.

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