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Dabir Surfaces, Inc.  

Harwood Heights,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 867

Welcome WOCN Attendees - Pressure Injury Prevention in # 867

Pressure Injuries are highly preventable clinical adverse events causing unnecessary suffering and reduced quality-of-life for patients and increased costs for Hospitals. Secondary infections often accompanying PIs and can be life threatening.  Dabir was created with the sole purpose of developing technology and solutions to help prevent these devastating “Never Events.”


Dabir Patient Support System Overview


  • Dabir Patient Support Systems
    Dabir Patient Support Systems are ideally suited for use across the continuum of care where patients are immobilized for extended periods of time and where repositioning the patient is not an option....

  • Dabir Patient Support Systems are ideally suited for use across the continuum of care where patients are immobilized for extended periods of time and where repositioning the patient is not an option, or with patient populations who are at high risk for developing pressure injuries. 

    Multiple rows of geometric nodes within the surface operate by inflating and deflating dynamically in alternating sequence every 5 minutes to provide tissue offloading, thereby relieving pressure points on compromised patients.  In effect, this alternating action provides micro-repositioning of the patient, resulting in pressure/shear reduction, and enhanced perfusion every 5 minutes.

    With its offloading capability, the Dabir surface can help maintain tissue viability when patient repositioning is not an option.

    During the course of care, a patient may spend hours on a stretcher in the emergency department then on the operating room table or interventional radiology table. These settings are places where many hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) begin and are frequently not observed until the patient reaches the intensive care unit.

    In surgical procedures lasting longer than two hours, tissue perfusion can be compromised. The inevitable prolonged contact of the body with the OR table creates unrelieved pressure points that are the primary cause of pressure injuries. Pressure injury prevention guidelines recommend repositioning the patient every 2 hours that can present a challenge to staff or is unattainable at times. Clinical studies have shown that 25% of HAPIs are from patients who had surgeries lasting 3hrs and longer.

    Dabir Patient Support Systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of patient from pediatric to bariatric patients.  Specifically, the surface (overlay) is approved for patients weighing between 15 and 600 lbs. for the ICU bed surface and 15 to 400 lbs. for the surgical table surface.  

    Patient stability is maintained throughout the procedure with the low-profile design of the surface that is less than one inch in height when fully inflated.

    This alternating pressure technology has been used successfully in tens of thousands of surgical procedures.  In a peer reviewed clinical study, the Dabir surface was shown to decrease HAPIs from 6% to 0% in neurosurgery cases. Multiple independent studies have reported that use of Dabir surface significantly decreases perioperative pressure injuries some of which were included in the AORN 2019 Conference Poster Collection.  In the conference poster presented by Indiana University Health, it states that cardiothoracic surgery related pressure injuries were reduced from 8.5% to 0% with $1.4M annual savings identified in the process.

    Dabir Patient Support Systems are simple to use and easy to maintain. Surfaces are available in many sizes instantly transforming any standard hospital bed into a specialty bed with ease.  The low-noise controller unit connects to the surface through a hose assembly and works with any standard power supply.

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