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Frontier Therapeutics  

Buffalo,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1128

Pioneering Simplicity in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

With the overall prevalence of pressure ulcers standing at 9.3%1 and costs to treat ranging from $21,000 - $152,0002, pressure ulcers are serious, costly and yet preventable.

Effecting more than 2.5 million patients in the United States each year, in hospitals alone2, improving the implementation of preventative interventions has never been more important.

At Frontier Therapeutics, we understand the challenges you face on a daily basis, and we want to help.

With a well-established range of products that will simply and effectively support your pressure ulcer prevention strategy, improve quality of care and ultimately help to reduce pressure ulcer prevalence3, the Frontier Therapeutics Team invite you to join them on stand #1128 or to book a private appointment via MyWOCN. 

We very much look forward to meeting you. 


1. VanGilder, C. et al, The International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence™ Survey: 2006-2015: A 10-year Pressure Injury Prevalence and Demographic Trend Analysis by Care Setting. Journal of Wound Ostomy & Continence Nursing: 2017;44(1);20-28

2. AHRQ. Preventing pressure ulcers in hospitals: a toolkit for improving quality of care. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2014

3. Beeckman et al. (2018) A multi-centre prospective randomised controlled clinical trial to compare the effectiveness and cost of a static air mattress and alternating air pressure mattress to prevent pressure ulcers in high-risk nursing home residents. Manuscript submitted for publication.


  • Repose®
    The Repose range of pressure redistribution products is endorsed by an extensive library of clinical evidence, to support the prevention and management of pressure ulcers....

  • Clinically proven to reduce pressure ulcer incidence in comparison to dynamic systems1, Repose successfully supports pressure ulcer prevention strategy and is market leader in the UK.

    Repose protects patients at all levels of risk, from 'at risk' to 'very high risk' and can be used for the prevention and treatment of all categories of pressure ulcer. 

    The Repose range adopts an effective method of pressure redistribution and offloading, by reducing the pressure exerted at the interface between the patient and the supporting surface.

    This is achieved by immersion, maximizing the contact surface area and redistributing pressure without compromising surrounding tissue.

    The Repose range of static air products consists of surface, seating and off-loading solutions and all products feature Smart Valve Technology, which ensures optimum inflation is achieved quickly and easily.  All Repose products come with a Repose Pump which is also the product packaging.  Its innovative design not only provides the inflation for the products, it allows for safe and secure storage.

    Here are just some of the products you will be able to see at the Frontier Therapeutics stand #1128:

    • Repose Mattress Overlay
    • Repose Cushion
    • Repose Flex
    • Repose Foot Protector Plus


    1) Beeckman et al. (2018) A multi-centre prospective randomised controlled clinical trial to compare the effectiveness and cost of a static air mattress and alternating air pressure mattress to prevent pressure ulcers in high-risk nursing home residents. Manuscript submitted for publication.

  • Toto®
    Toto is a revolutionary automated lateral turning system, comprising the Toto platform, Toto Touch control unit and CPR valve and tube set....

  • Healthcare providers and carers are often required to reposition their patients every 2 hours; morning, noon and night, to reduce the risk of the development of pressure ulcers. This can be very time consuming, ineffective, requires significant resource, can introduce risk to staff and patients, and might not be well tolerated.

    Toto quietly and gently turns patients at prescribed intervals, increasing turning and positioning protocol compliance, decreasing the risk of developing pressure ulcers and reducing the dependency on nursing staff and care givers. 

    Unlike other patient turning systems, Toto provides complete body turning in a lightweight, easy to use, set up and access format.  Toto is compliant and supports the NPUAP, EPUAP, PPPIA Guideline Recommendations, and is designed to help reduce the risk of personal injury to patients, staff and caregivers.

    Toto has been specifically designed to prevent pressure damage and improve patient comfort, it is a well-known established brand in the UK, with a proven record of success in recent years.  Toto is light, easy to handle and transport, easy to install and provides full head to toe support.  Toto also compliments the Repose® range of pressure area care products, helping clinicians and carers to reduce the prevalence of pressure injuries, with clinically and cost-effective products in both the acute and community settings.

    Toto truly is “Automated patient turning. Repositioned”

  • Dermisplus® Prevent
    Dermisplus Prevent is a range of pressure redistribution pads designed to help to reduce risk of pressure damage, including that of medical device related pressure damage....

  • Pressure ulcers from medical devices are common and can cause significant morbidity in patients of all ages1.  Prevention plans must begin with the correct size of medical device2 and this can be supported by the use of padding underneath the device itself to help redistribute pressure.

    Dermisplus Prevent redistributes peak pressures over a wider surface area, thereby reducing the risk of pressure related tissue damage. It can be used anywhere on the body identified as being ‘at risk’, especially where there are bony prominences for example, on heels, elbows and sacral areas and under medical devices such as, medical tubing, mask straps and other equipment.

    Dermisplus Prevent Pad - With versatile application, the pads can be used to provide pressure redistribution to many areas of the body including the occiput, between the knees, under the chin or folded for hand contractures.

    Dermisplus Prevent Strips - Ideal for protecting pressure points on digits, and for use with medical devices such as face masks, and for longer body areas such as the spine. 

    In a recent clinical study, the highest scoring parameters were pressure redistribution and product integrity, with approximately 83% of clinical staff rating both as excellent/good3.

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